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About us

The Housing Bank was established in 1973 as a Jordanian limited public shareholding company. The Bank has started to operate as a specialized bank in the field of housing finance with a capital of half million dinars. Twenty-four years after its founding, it began a new phase of business when the Bank became a comprehensive commercial bank in 1997. The bank has increased its capital more than once during the past years. The most recent was in 2017, which reached JD 315 million Jordanian dinars ($ 444 million dollars). The consecutive departments of the Bank have aimed to strengthen its capital base by strengthening its different reserves with a total Property rights of 1.1 billion Dinars (equivalent to 1.6 $ billion) as is the case at the end of 2017.


This was the first step to open new branches outside Jordan towards Palestine. The first branch of the bank was opened in Ramallah in the end of September 1995 and contributed to the rebuilding of the Palestinian economy. The capital allocated to branches of Palestine is (JD 53.175 million) and branch network of 15 branches.


Total of property rights amounted to JD 70.924 million as at the end of 2019.

The Housing Bank is a strong banking institution with a strong history. It has an efficient and distinguished management with clear vision and sound business strategies. This is what the global rating institutions have gathered over the past years. The Bank obtained advanced credit ratings from several institutions such as: (Capital, Fitch, Standard & Poor ‘S. Moody’s) intelligence. In addition, the bank was granted the award of Euro money magazine in 2007 and Best Jordanian Bank Award from The Banker magazine during the years 2003m 2011, 2013.


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You can now have the IBAN number of your accounts by visiting your branch.