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Other Services Conditions



    Western Union 


-    Valid identification document

-    The service application Form should be signed

-    The amount should be paid in cash /credit on account






  Rental of Safety Boxes      


-    Customer should have a  bank account at the Housing Bank

-    The contract and conditions governing the relationship between the customer and the Bank should be signed






 Payment of Utility, Phone, and Mobile Bills 


-    Bills to be paid in cash should be presented.

-    The amount of bills as well as the approved commission should be paid.

-    Or

-    An authorization should be signed to allow the Bank to pay bills on behalf of customer by deducting from customer’s account.  






Issuance of a Bank Cheque


-    The customer account balance should be equal to or exceed the amount of the cheque and fees.

-    A bank check issuance application form should be signed.






Cheque collection in JD or other currencies from the bank branches  and other banks in Jordan


-    Customer should maintain a current  bank account

-    Cheques should be legally and formally valid.






Deposit of local and foreign Cheques under collection


-    Customer should have a  current bank account at the Housing Bank

-    Cheques should be legally and formally valid.






  Currencies Trading    


Foreign Exchange against JD or other currencies



-    The supplied /demanded currency should be of the bank major currencies.

-    The currency should be valid.

-    The supplied currency should not be fraud or damaged.






Application for  Account Balance Certificate


-    The account balance should be higher than the minimum set for this account, which is JD 1000.

-    The period of dealing with the bank should not be less than 3 months.






Transfer Issuance and Receiving


-    Valid identification document.

-    The amount of issued transfer as well as the relevant commissions should be available in the customer’s account

-    Complete information about the beneficiary and the purpose of sending the transfer should be available.     





Note: All Announced Services and Products are Subject to the Bank Terms and Approval