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Services and products Fees
​​​​ ​​​​ 


Rent Fees of Safety Deposit Boxes



Rental Fees in JD

Box Size

For 6 Months

For 9 Months

For 1Year

Recovered Insurance





















Other Services     


Description / Service

Service Description

Service Price


Cheque Book Price

10 Pages

$ 3.5


20 Pages

$ 7



Collecting commission of $2 plus printing costs of max $15


Salary Transfer Fees


$ 2


Cheque Refusal Fees

Insufficient Funds




$ 10

Different Signatures or Written amount does not match the numerical amount, no signature near the corrections made

Returned Cheque Fees

Banks Within Palestine


Payment of the fees

Banks Outside Palestine

$ 7

In addition to the fees of the carrier banks

Israeli Banks

ILS 40

Including carrier fees

Cheques Lien via Fax

With the Bank Branches in Jordan

JD 5


Fees for Copying a Document  from the Portfolio  and term of Archiving

Less than 1 year



More than 1 year

3 $/paper









Collection of local purchased and postdated  checks

Those the amount of which is up to 10 thousand $ or its equivalent

$0.5  per Cheque

Only for (purchased and postdated) checks deposited for collection, including Cheques clearance costs using Buraq system.

Those the amount of which is more than 10 thousand $ or its equivalent up to the amount of 100 thousand $



Those the amount of which is more than 100 thousand $ or its equivalent




Collection of the purchased  Israeli Cheques

Collection of Cheques withdrawn on Israeli banks

ILS 8 per Cheque


Withdrawal of Deposited  Cheque Held for Collection


0.5$  per Cheque


Cheque Collection Fees  Outside Palestine

Cheques in JD Currency

0.2 %

Minimum 10JD Maximum 50 JD

Other Currencies

0.2 %

Minimum 18 $ Maximum 100$

Issuance of  Manager (Bank Cheque)

For Our  Clients

20$ per cheque Despite the amount


For Other Bank Clients





تم حذف العبارة

تم حذف العبارة


Current Account Management Fees

2$ per month for individuals

4$ per month for corporate account


Current Account may be overdrawn to collect the commission in case of no account balance whereas no collection of commission may be made with a retroactive effect since freezing the account    

Frozen Account Fees

تم حذف العبارة

$1.5 per month

Shall not be collected in case of having collected the account management commission and such commission shall not be collected on accounts of deceased not yet distributed over heirs and shall be collected on frozen saving accounts with balance less than $25

Historical and non-periodical Account Statement Issuance Fees

Per page



For the first 20 movement, client is provided with a free of charge statement of account for one time only

Signature Authentication / Confirm signatures for external bodies





Utility Bill Payment

Automatically via Authorization




0.5$ per Slip


Tax Slip Payment

Per Slip



Certificate Issuance

Credit or Balance or clearance letter …etc.

$ 5 per letter for for individuals

10$ per letter for corporate account


Stop Cashing Cheque

Per Cheque


Shall be collected on the sequenced cheque papers (Cheques Book)


Per Cheque


Shall be collected on non-sequenced cheque papers.

Payment Order Commission

تم حذف العبارة

Annual $5 upon having the periodic order request except orders related to facilities payment



Commission for coin deposit

For each bag

2% Min of ILS 30 per each bag

For deposit cash amount In addition to the fees of the carrier banks

Damaged bank notes  fees


5 %

Of the deposited cash amount

Commission on Cash Withdrawal

تم حذف العبارة

0.05% with Max $ 300

For daily withdrawal exceeding $30,000 or in case monthly withdrawals exceeding $300,000

Commission for Deposit (in ILS)



For deposit exceeding ILS 100,000

Commission for cash deposit in a branch

And withdrawn the same date from another branch



Commission for Counter Cash Withdrawal

For whom they have ATM Card

1 $ /each withdrawal

If the withdrawal is less than the daily limit of ATM Withdrawal, except clients who are not eligible for obtaining ATM Card including whose with disabilities (Deaf/Dumb/Illiterates)

Deposit/Withdrawal commission in currency other than (USD, JD, NIS)



Shall be collected on amounts exceed Euro 20 Thousand

Commission for opening sub account for individuals


$ 1


Commission for opening main corporate account to other firms and institutions

For one time only regardless the number of various subsidiary accounts

$ 6


Commission for re-opening  main account for corporate


$ 2


Commission for selling/buying currency




Online banking services commission




Commission for accepting instructions via Fax


$ 5

just one time

Commission for accepting authorization for individuals


$ 5 per each authorization


SMS Fees




Internal post boxes (For external post)




Payment of donations and aids by sheets


$ 3

For each transfer of grant or aid and shall be collected from the donor


Commission of dividing heirs shares

$ 5

Per each share, except for minors

Add, amend or cancel authorized signatories


 ATM Cash Withdrawal Fees (National Key)

(For every withdrawal transaction)


  Balance inquiry Fees

(National Key System)


(For every balance inquiry transaction)

Fees for Credit Report Print


JD Currency

USD Currency

ILS Currency


JD Currency

USD Currency

ILS Currency


ILS 10 (if the report exceeds 7 pages, additional fees of 0.50 Shekel will be added on each page)

$ 3


 200 Fils

25 Cents

1 Shekel


 100 Fils

12 Cents

0.50 Shekel 
















Cards Fees     



/ Service

Service Description

Service Price


Charges for Visa Card


Gold Card

JD 60

JD 40 for each supplementary Card

Silver Card

JD 40

JD 40 for each supplementary Card


Replacement  of worn/lost Card


JD 10

Shall be issued till the remaining life of the card

No-use of the card ceiling


$2 per month

To be paid in case the card ceiling was not used

Visa Electron Card

First issuance

5 $ per year

- Provided not to collect commission on the monthly ATM Service  $0.35, but in case of being collected then clients shall exempted from the issue and renew commission. 

renewal /Lost/Worn

5 $


Request for secret Number as a replacement for lost


Except changing the number by the Bank

ATM services fees


$0.35  per month

Fixed Fee, not  based on the number of transactions

Visa Cards Circulation Charges




Request for secret Number as a replacement for lost Visa Card




Pre-Paid Visa Cards

Issuance Fees

JD 10


for each filling

JD 2