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​Services provided by the Treasury:

 1.     Foreign Currencies


  • Advisory services on exchange rates and the expected rates of international currencies.
  • Service of dealing with foreign currencies.
  • Service of forward deals in foreign currencies.

 The services of this unit are distinguished in a number of things, most importantly:


  • Providing the above-mentioned financial services at competitive rates compared to the rates of other local banks.
  • Access to financial services for purposes of hedging and protecting the financial assets of investors.

 2.     Money Market

 For the best means and methods of service provision for our customers, the Treasury Unit in the Housing Bank for Trade & Finance does the following:


  • Grants the customers' deposits the best possible interest rates which compete with the interest rates offered by other local banks.
  • Issues an interest rate bulletin for customers' deposits with the Bank, in the world's major foreign currencies which include the U.S. Dollar, Pound Sterling and the Euro, according to the deposit's amount segment and the required linking period, and for periods which cover weekly, monthly, quarterly and semi-annual deposits, and up to a year.

 Why must I think of the Money Market Unit service at the Housing Bank for Trade & Finance?  

  •  The Housing Bank for Trade & Finance relies on a network of major international banks that provide the best interest rates for the Bank's deposits with them; and proceeding from such, we are able to grant the deposits of customers with the best interest rates.
  • Deposit pricing is not limited to the above-mentioned international currencies only; customers' deposit pricing is also done in other currencies such as, the Australian Dollar, the Canadian Dollar and many other currencies, according to the amounts and linking periods as required by the customer.