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AT HBTF, (CBG) handles operations such as extending direct and indirect trade facilities and providing depository services for different economic segments including exporters, importers and investors. This division serves different customer classes such as small to medium businesses or large enterprises in addition to financing the large-scale projects. Of course, HBTF takes into account the changing economy indicators while serving customers who are qualified   for credit after achieving the required credit criteria.

The (CBG) banking division aims to acquire the best customers by offering them all related trade finance services in order to sustain and develop their business activities. As a result, this will contribute in pushing the wheel of our national economy forward.

What distinguishes HBTF from other players when it comes to Commercial Banking services?

HBTF enjoys unique business relations with its (CBG) banking segment in Palestine by offering the highly customized trade finance services especially tailored to suit their needs. This segment includes small to medium businesses as well as large enterprises.

So if you're planning or already have a business, HBTF is flexible enough to customize its banking services to suit your project or business in terms of size and needs. This customization will save your time and effort and accordingly allows you to focus on your core business activities as opposed to worrying about financing.

Our services include:

  • HBTF offers specialized loan programs to large enterprises, in addition to all types of direct and indirect commercial financing to SME's. The bank is capable of understanding its customers' requirements and accordingly tailors relevant banking services.
  • HBTF enjoys an excellent track record in developing technology solutions according to international rating agencies. The bank constantly upgrades its database and information technology.


Direct Credit Facilities

The housing bank for trade and finance offer these facilities to push the versatile businesses forward assist them in closing deals and support their import and export activities.

 These services include:-

  • Commercial loans.
  • Overdraft.
  • Bills discount.
  • Trade Finance.
  • All other credit facilities granted to finance several business operations

Indirect (non – funded) credit facilities

The housing bank for trade and finance offers all commercial services to exporters and importers such as:-

  • Letters of guarantees (inward and outward) (L/Gs).
  • Letters of credit (inward and outward) (L/Cs).

Bills for collection (inward and outward).


Programs & Financing Agreements

In the light of its attempts to provide quality banking services appropriate to various customer segments, including small , medium and large enterprises, exporting corporations and importers to meet their versatile needs, The Housing Bank for Trade and Finance ensures especially tailored financing, through providing an integrated set of specialized financing programs and agreements, in cooperation with local and international institutions and companies including, inter alia, the following:-

  • Small and Medium Enterprises Financing Program for Existing Business
  • Small and Medium Enterprises Financing Program for Start-up Business



Small and Medium Enterprises Financing Program for Existing Business

This program is dedicated for providing appropriate financing for customer segment of small and medium enterprises and companies, within multiple financing alternatives, on the level of various economic sectors, in order to meet and fulfill the needs and requirements of this sector, in the form of decreasing loans to be repaid by monthly, quarterly, half yearly installments consistent with customers cash flows.


Beneficiaries of this program include small and medium enterprises within various economic sectors, according to the following determinants:-

  • Employees shall not exceed 300.
  • Total assets shall not be more than US $ 15 million.
  • Total annual sales shall not exceed US $ 15 million.

Interest Rate:

Interest rate shall be applied and calculated in accordance with those applicable by the bank on loan granting date.

Financing Ceiling/Limit:

The financing limit shall be in the range from (10) ten thousand US $ to (500) five hundred thousand US $. The maximum financing limit may be increased.

Loan Term:

Repayment period ranges from (1) one to (5) five years. Financing period may be increased and extended.

Financed Objectives:

Finance all objectives within various and versatile economic activities such as (funding the purchase of fixed assets, expansion and maintenance, and purchase of goods....etc.)


Small and Medium Enterprises Financing Program for Start-up Business

Purpose: Provide appropriate financing opportunities for graduates and entrepreneurs to support their initiatives of setting up a new business. The product aims at creating self employment for the intended segment and encourages sustainable economic development.

Loan Ceiling: USD 100,000 per new business


  • Privately owned business with 20 employees or less that needs bank finance to help set up a new business.
  • Legal status: partnership, proprietorship or company (Private as well as limited)
  • Entrepuneur has 5 years experience in the field of business which he/she is planning to set up. Alternative to the years of experience is a formal professional certification in the field-Such as Dentists, lawyers, CPAs, hotel management, Computer specialists and Engineering (mechanical engineering, computer, etc). Other professional graduates with professional diplomas of two years are illegible such as car mechanics and handicrafts professions.
  • At least 35% to 50% equity participation from the business owner/s compared to total assets of the business.
  • A feasibility study along with 5 years business plan and cash flow projections. Cash flow projections should cover the duration of the loan.
  • Loans will cover working capital and investment capital with maximum repayment period of 60 months including a maximum grace period of 12 months.
  • Verified ability to produce financial reports to be submitted to lending institution with quarterly reports on progress of the business.


IBS – Internet Banking System

It is online banking service provided to Housing Bank customers in Palestine through our website which can be accessed anytime and anywhere, and offers a variety of services intended to facilitate communication between the bank and its clients, these services such as:-

  • Bank Statements
  • Request Checkbooks
  • Internal Money Transfer between accounts within same bank
  • Interest Rates on different Currencies
  • Currency Exchange Rate
  • Currency Exchange Comparison
  • Send/ Receive Comments to the Bank